all the bells and whistles are over rated

Simple is best. There is no point going through the process of establishing yourself or brand on, say, Facebook if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Each platform has a key niche that it excels for. Instagram does well for artists. Facebook does well for frequent posters with large client bases. And twitter does well for people that are trying to build up an advocacy group or following.

Check out this niche business. 

All it needs is a platform to tell people all about their special products, the medicinal properties of the herbs they grow and what type of products their regular customers will find at their regular selling point – the markets. They don’t need to cultivate a beautiful collection of images so Instagram is not ideal. They don’t need to express strong views or recruit a following so twitter is no good. Facebook is perfect.

So, think long and hard before you launch into a platform. Or even better give us a ring and we will help you!

an easy way to spread your Facebook word

***** TIPSY THURSDAY *****

Our tip for today is too easy. 

Nowadays, your customer is right around the corner and you need to be making it easy for them to use their mobile to get to your door.

  • 95 percent of smartphone users search for local information.
  • 61 percent of smartphone users called after searching for local information.
  • 59 percent of smartphone users visited in person after searching for something locally.

This matters because small businesses ARE locals and they depend on locals.

So what can you do?


The results that show up in “Facebook Nearby” may not always be the closest businesses based on proximity, friend activity, check-ins, reviews, and personal preferences. So what should you do? 

Encourage customers to check-in on Facebook at your business location! 

Recommendations from mobile user’s friends will appear first. Basically the best tool for creating word-of-mouth recommendations.

Facebook already promotes mobile users who recommend your page, but it doesn’t hurt to nudge customers a little more by asking for recommendations through signage or a promotional incentive.

It’s so easy!

People join Facebook to use it to its full capacity. It’s an activity sharing tool, users get a buzz out our of telling friends where they are and what they are doin.

So if you’re a business that benefits from word of mouth (and lets face it, what business doesn’t) it’s almost criminal not to try this.

witty banter content

***** TIPSY THURSDAY *****

Our tip for today is a content idea. 

Post questions or fill in the blanks.  They will get your fans responding every time. Trust me, people love this type of content. 

Other effective interaction ideas include:

  • “mood” – posting a picture or GIF that mirrors your current mood and all you write is “mood”;
  • “currently” – posting a video or picture of what you are doing or a place you are or something that people can identify with;
  • “caption this”  – posting a weird or funny image and asking people to come up with a caption. It can be hilarious.

Maybe you are fueling up on coffee or going to the dentist, or even better, make it related to your business. That way it’s personal, intriguing and current.

Warning! This type of post will get you a lot of responses. It’s fun!  
Alright …. mood.

So off to bed!

videos … do them 

***** TIPSY THURSDAY *****

Stay current with our social media tips and tricks

Ok, so. In case you didn’t know, videos are huge on Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter actually).
Feature videos, live videos, viral videos, introductory videos, slow-mo, fast-mo. They all get massive views, engagement and shares which all generate click through and sales conversions.

But they don’t work just on their own. I saw a medical business recently spend money on an awesome video. It was professional, fresh and provided a really good insight into their business. Unfortunately their engagement on Facebook had been poor and so the video wasn’t viewed by many people let alone shared. So that was like flushing money down the drain!
Look at how Coles uses video as a cover story that links in to send them a message if you want, and themed videos like Christmas and Halloween cooking.

Get yourself into a social media flow, then work videos in routinely. Even better … post videos about making the video!

take customers on your journey

There are so many reasons that social media can work for your small business. There are also a number of goals that  social media can achieve for you including but not limited to:

  • awareness;
  • engagement;
  • driving traffic;
  • growing a fan base;
  • advocacy or gaining a voice; and
  • increasing your share of voice.

I will go into these in future posts, but this gives you a taste of how much social media can achieve for you.

However, behind the scenes of these metric social media indicators. One of the most important things that your customers want to get from your social media presence is connection.

They want to know who you are. They want to know your character and your sense of humour. And as uncomfortable as it might seem they want to know what you get up to, an insight into you. Let them go behind the scenes. Getting personal on Facebook is a great tactic, and so is giving your community a sneak peek at something no one else can see.

Take this dog training business, for example who regularly post video and pictures of their trainer rehabilitating pound dogs, teaching classes of dog owners, success stories, difficult doggy behaviour, dog obstacle course ideas – all stuff that people would be very invested in if they had already liked their page.

So if you’re a band, literally take people behind the scenes during a show or sound check.

If you’re a cake shop, take them on your cake decorating journey sometimes. Even better if it’s a live video.

If you’re a mechanic, take them under the car show them what you’ll be doing to a car and then show them the happy customer at the end.

If you are a cafe show them your awesome barista skills via live video, or take them into the kitchen while prepping food and show them some cooking tips.

Take them in to your team meetings or morning tea. Take photos or videos celebrating a staff members birthday. The ideas are endless.


negative feedback positivity

***** TIPSY THURSDAY *****

Stay current with our social media tips and tricks

Today’s tip is about negative feedback. When I talk to small businesses one of the main reasons they haven’t entered the social media environment is because they are fearful that a negative comment or review could ruin them.

However, a bad review can be seen as an opportunity to improve, counter offer and show your followers that you are customer focused and reactive. It can even boost your business. In big business skilful management of negative customer feedback has become quite an art form and entertaining ones often go viral.

The most crucial thing though is to never delete a negative comment, its reflects very poorly on a business that hides negative feedback.