***** TIPSY THURSDAY *****

Our tip for today is too easy. 

Nowadays, your customer is right around the corner and you need to be making it easy for them to use their mobile to get to your door.

  • 95 percent of smartphone users search for local information.
  • 61 percent of smartphone users called after searching for local information.
  • 59 percent of smartphone users visited in person after searching for something locally.

This matters because small businesses ARE locals and they depend on locals.

So what can you do?


The results that show up in “Facebook Nearby” may not always be the closest businesses based on proximity, friend activity, check-ins, reviews, and personal preferences. So what should you do? 

Encourage customers to check-in on Facebook at your business location! 

Recommendations from mobile user’s friends will appear first. Basically the best tool for creating word-of-mouth recommendations.

Facebook already promotes mobile users who recommend your page, but it doesn’t hurt to nudge customers a little more by asking for recommendations through signage or a promotional incentive.

It’s so easy!

People join Facebook to use it to its full capacity. It’s an activity sharing tool, users get a buzz out our of telling friends where they are and what they are doin.

So if you’re a business that benefits from word of mouth (and lets face it, what business doesn’t) it’s almost criminal not to try this.

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