***** TIPSY THURSDAY *****

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So guess what? Facebook has a sneaky way of controlling pretty much everything, including what shows up in a persons newsfeed. Even if they like your page they may not see what you post.  Not fair right? 

Well it’s just the Facebook environment we live with so the best thing to do is figure out ways to work with it. There are lots of ways to do this, getting post likes, encouraging commenting on your post – and we will give you some tips on this in future weeks. But there is also a sneaky way to work with Facebooks rules.

You see the Facebook news feed algorithm rewards posts that are about topics trending on Facebook. What you can do is find topics that your readers will be talking about. For example, if you know your customers will be watching a big footy match, you should post content around this, ask which team they’ll be supporting, generate some banter, throw in some topical or funny hashtags (yes you can use hashtags on Facebook too).

As well as attracting attention and action it’ll get you noticed in the Facebook algorithm. 

So go on, give it a try.

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