***** TIPSY THURSDAY *****

Stay current with our social media tips and tricks

Ok, so. In case you didn’t know, videos are huge on Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter actually).
Feature videos, live videos, viral videos, introductory videos, slow-mo, fast-mo. They all get massive views, engagement and shares which all generate click through and sales conversions.

But they don’t work just on their own. I saw a medical business recently spend money on an awesome video. It was professional, fresh and provided a really good insight into their business. Unfortunately their engagement on Facebook had been poor and so the video wasn’t viewed by many people let alone shared. So that was like flushing money down the drain!
Look at how Coles uses video as a cover story that links in to send them a message if you want, and themed videos like Christmas and Halloween cooking.

Get yourself into a social media flow, then work videos in routinely. Even better … post videos about making the video!

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