There are so many reasons that social media can work for your small business. There are also a number of goals that  social media can achieve for you including but not limited to:

  • awareness;
  • engagement;
  • driving traffic;
  • growing a fan base;
  • advocacy or gaining a voice; and
  • increasing your share of voice.

I will go into these in future posts, but this gives you a taste of how much social media can achieve for you.

However, behind the scenes of these metric social media indicators. One of the most important things that your customers want to get from your social media presence is connection.

They want to know who you are. They want to know your character and your sense of humour. And as uncomfortable as it might seem they want to know what you get up to, an insight into you. Let them go behind the scenes. Getting personal on Facebook is a great tactic, and so is giving your community a sneak peek at something no one else can see.

Take this dog training business, for example who regularly post video and pictures of their trainer rehabilitating pound dogs, teaching classes of dog owners, success stories, difficult doggy behaviour, dog obstacle course ideas – all stuff that people would be very invested in if they had already liked their page.

So if you’re a band, literally take people behind the scenes during a show or sound check.

If you’re a cake shop, take them on your cake decorating journey sometimes. Even better if it’s a live video.

If you’re a mechanic, take them under the car show them what you’ll be doing to a car and then show them the happy customer at the end.

If you are a cafe show them your awesome barista skills via live video, or take them into the kitchen while prepping food and show them some cooking tips.

Take them in to your team meetings or morning tea. Take photos or videos celebrating a staff members birthday. The ideas are endless.


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